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Natural products can vary in color/consistency because of their nature and it's perfectly normal this does not take away from their effectiveness. Beauty standards are not just a deciding factor for humans/species but products that don't look the part get passed over. Natural skin care products are in their normal state and most times its very much a PLAIN look after you get past the packaging.

However, there are things that can affect their look/feel like heat and water but most definitely heat. Any environment OVER 80 degrees could melt a product down very easily. IF this happens place your product in the refrigerator to allow them to re-solidify which usually takes anywhere from fifteen (15) minutes to at most overnight pending size and product.

THIS is when your product will look DIFFERENT but STILL work the same for you do not get discouraged. In regards to WATER which we all know is an essential and powerful element but we don't recommend adding water to ANY of your butters/creams you'll have a slippery and chunky looking mess on your hands.

Also, we do not use water to develop our products. Yes, our scrubs work great with it but have confidence that our products are blended in their RAW form and preserved naturally in that order. So, that our clients get the most POTENT natural skin care product on the market.

For this reason we recommend keeping and using OUR products six (6) months to a year AFTER you purchase them this is more for hygiene purposes and based off our test trials we've ran. IF a shorter time is recommended WE WILL NOTE that for you in its description.

Lengthy, we know but if you got this far THANK YOU for reading. We hope you continue to enjoy our products and services.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES does Mi Naturale nor its owner promote or claim any form of MEDICAL relief to our patrons by using our products. IF you have a condition WE STRONGLY encourage you to seek medical attention/advice for it before using our natural products to manage or attempt to remedy/heal the condition. 

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