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What we use

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. So, our products our of the highest quality. All of our oils are ORGANIC and always FIRST COLD PRESS. We purchase our products, from Morocco, Spain, Italy and Ghana and yes, we only also use FARM to TABLE produce. We use uncut butters in their RAW form to ensure we get you the maximum skin nutrients they'll provide for your skin. Our essential oils are 100% from only the finest suppliers in the world.

We use a little bit of everything that naturally grows and sprouts from our planet. We only use natural preservatives and and our products are VEGAN and cruelty free.

What if I like fragrances?

If you're interested in fragrances we do utilize scented oils that are cruelty free and relieved of any harsh chemicals especially over-drying ones like alcohol. We aim to please and we understand that all-natural or essential oils isn't for everyone but that shouldn't stop you from taking great care of your skin. We can create a great skin nourishing product that will smell how you want it! 

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