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Chair Massage Services

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We provide chair massage services during benefits enrollment, wellness fairs, and many other office events. Please reach out to us and let us know what your department is looking to do for its employees.  

You can drop us a note with your event details and we can reachout to schedule a time to talk. 

CLASS PASS Members: We apologize, but we are no longer affiliated with Class Pass, and we haven't been since the pandemic started. We have made several attempts to correct the scheduling issue on their site so that we are not a provider, but our request has been ignored several times. Please reach out to CLASS PASS DIRECTLY to correct the scheduling issue as we are not even located at the address they have listed.

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We also sell gift cards.

Are you having a Spa Party?

We have LMTs that can bring their talents to life for your guest. Please drop us a note. Let us know the date, time, and location of your event and we can give discuss massage package logistics.

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