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About Mi Naturalé

Leslie, a then new mother, and now self-made MomTrenuer, created Naturalé in 2014. After being laid off for a fourth time and no longer being able to afford personal hygiene products from the store, her journey into natural skin care began out of necessity. What she did not realize at the time was that she would blossom into a healer.

Leslie has taken her cultural upbringing and blended it with modern and western teachings in professional massage therapy to help others decompress and manage their ailments. She still can and does create skin care products on request, but her focus is towards professional massage and bodywork services.

Feel free to visit her scheduling site and please reference the IN-OFFICE services button if you would like to have a session with her at the office.

Why us?

Going green, being 'natural' is nothing new but it has become a fad as of late but here at Naturalé OUR PRODUCTS are ALL NATURAL and have been around since 2009. We don't cut corners.

We pride ourselves in offering you HIGH END products without the hefty price tag!

Taking great care of your skin shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Donate a kit for someone who can't afford it? A kit includes, all-natural soap (bar or liquid), body butter and lip balm plus a toothbrush with toothpaste.

We provide toiletry bags to those whose budgets do not allow for them to buy them for themselves.

We visit local areas in DC, MD and VA monthly and give away these items to anyone who needs, wants or accepts them..

Everyone should feel good in their own skin, regardless of circumstances.

Please click DONATE below.

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